Tubing Hanger Products:

If you are looking for Tubing Hangers, then you are one click away from incredible savings and selection for tubing hanger products. You will find a wide selection of tubing hanger products to choose from on our main website. We have tubing hangers and other similar products at prices you will appreciate. Please visit www.lcpenner.com for a wide selection of tubing hangers or call us now toll free at: 1(800) 423-4771

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L.C. Penner Co. offers high quality stainless steel products for installation of tubing and pipe hangers. Penner's Stainless Steel Hangers (brackets) are used with injection molded inserts (sleeves) or rubber grommets. Hangers are designed for the support and stabilization of pipes and tubing. If you have any questions about this product or would like to place an order, please call L.C. Penner Company.

Tubing Hangers:   Tubing Hanger Plastic Insert

tubing hanger 4"tubing hanger 3"tubing hanger 2"tubing hanger 1"
                    4"                                 3"                           2"                   1"

Pipe Hangers:      Pipe Hanger Plastic Insert

pipe hanger 4"pipe hanger 3"pipe hanger 2"pipe hanger 1"
                     4"                                3"                           2"                   1"


 1) Black Rubber Grommets        2) P.V.C. Collar
     • retainer knob holds                  • collar design holds
       tubing securely in place.             tubing securely in place.
     • easily renewed.                        • split for easy application
     • easy to install.                           on existing pipelines.